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West Hanney Parish Council

Following the election on the 2nd May 2019, West Hanney Parish Council is now composed as follows:

Graham Garner - t 01235 868684

Trevor Brettell - t 01235 868459
David Corps - t 01235 867454
Peter Packham - t 01235 868038
Edward Wilkinson - t 01235 867316

Parish Clerk
Barbara Martin - t 01235 868806 e

West Hanney Parish Council meetings take place every six weeks on a Tuesday from 7:30pm. Further details and information can be found on their dedicated website.

District Council

The District Council for West Hanney is The Vale of The White Horse District Council, their web site can be found here.

County Council

The County Council for West Hanney is Oxfordshire County Council, their web site is here.