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As you will see from our project video our village hall is at the centre of our two communities of East Hanney and West Hanney. It is the venue for many activities organised by our clubs and societies as well as the venue for social and fund-raising events. Many of our user groups are run by volunteers and have limited budgets. Since taking over the running of the Hall four years ago, the current Operations Team have worked hard to reduce the running costs of the Hall to avoid increasing charges to our user groups.

Following an energy audit three years ago, the Hall Management Committee has overseen a programme of energy reduction projects to reduce the overheads of the Hall including the installation of low energy lighting and cavity and roof insulation. The final project is to install solar PV to significantly reduce our energy costs and ensure the financial viability of this vital hub of the community.

We have obtained a quote from a local specialist solar PV installation company and the proposed system will provide web access to the solar generation data for our village primary school to use in their science projects so the pupils can study the environmental benefits of solar energy.

Our energy costs will be reduced ensuring the hall's future and we will be able to maintain the current bookings fees to secure the future and financial viability of our user groups.

Please vote for our project to help ensure the future of our Hall!

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