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Community Shop COVID-19 Update

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You will be aware, I am certain, of the need to protect yourself, the hard-working volunteer staff and the Post Mistress as much as we can from being exposed to the COVID-19 virus.

With immediate effect we are asking you, our understanding customers, to minimise your own and the staff’s exposure by reducing the number of customers at any one time in the shop to two customers. One customer can use the post office facilities and one do their shopping. If everyone moves round in an anticlockwise direction from the door to the post office counter and then onto the food shopping areas it will minimise any tight squeezes.

When making purchases please respect the social space of the staff member serving you and stand well back but close enough to converse and pay for your shopping. Bank cards minimise the risk from handling coins and notes but all forms of money are accepted.

Please give priority to those who may not be as mobile as others.

Please also give the staff collecting and delivering food supplies plenty of room too to get in and out of the shop and to re-fill the shelves.

Please check at the door, which may be open for fresh air, how many people are currently in the shop when you arrive and form an orderly queue starting at the bottom of the access ramp and queuing away from the shop, not in front of the railings.

These measures are for everybody’s benefit and will help keep the shop open for the Community.

Sincere thanks for your continued support and cooperation

The Hanney Community Shop and The Hanneys COVID-19 Community Response Team

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