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Hanney Occassional Golfers Society

Hanney Occasional Golfers Society (HOGS) was formed in 1996, since then approaching 100 events have been organised. Currently they meet normally four times a year plus Christmas (between Christmas and New Year). Villagers and their guests are welcome. Standards vary from good (~8 handicap) to average (~20) to improvers (~30). Most, but not all, members are now members of local clubs, eg Frilford (the largest), Carswell, West Berks, Southfield, Wallingford Springs.


HOGS is very much about social golf. The events are organised by individual members; normally involve 20-30+ golfers; and cost £30-£45 (golf and meal). Non golfers/spouses usually join for the evening session when prizes are awarded and 'fines' imposed! An impressive cup is awarded to the winner and, an equally impressive, HOGS head to the least successful golfer.

Please contact Andrew Fletcher for further details.