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Below is a sample of the books available that contain information about the villages of East and West Hanney (formerly part of Berkshire until the county boundary changes of 1974 that transferred the Vale of White Horse to Oxfordshire) and their residents from the past to the present. Many, if not all, are available to read at the library in Wantage, some of which are also available online.

title: Bread, Boots and Coal
author: Angela Cousins
isbn-13: 9781326793395
published: 2016
publisher: Hanney Parochial Charities

description: The history of the Hanney Parochial Charities from the 17th century until the present day, giving an insight into how villagers have provided for the poor in their midst.

title: Telling Tales
author: Angela Cousins
Second Edition:
isbn-13: 9781470904753
published: 2015
publisher: tbc
First Edition:
isbn-13: tbc
published: 2011
publisher: tbc

description: A patchwork of village lives revealed following the interviews of more than 70 residents of the villages of East and West Hanney.

title: Wildlife and Waterways of Hanney in the Year 2000
published: tbc
publisher: Hanney Gardening Club

description: A record of the wildlife and waterways in and around the villages at the turn of the millenium.

title: Pocket Images - Vale of the White Horse
author: Nigel Hammond & Jim Brown
Second Edition:
isbn-10: 1845883888
isbn-13: 9781845883881
published: 2007
publisher: Nonsuch Publishing
First Edition:
isbn-10: 0752415247
isbn-13: 9780752415246
published: 1999
publisher: tbc

description: A past visual record of the villages of the Vale of White Horse that includes photographs and information about East and West Hanney.

title: Fred and John Holmes and the Berkshire Aviation Company
author: Frank Poller
published: tbc
publisher: Hanney History Group

description: An historical record of the Hanney-born brothers, Fred and John Holmes, the founding of the Berkshire Aviation Company and their exploits.

title: Late Victorian Hanney - An Agricultural Community
published: 1994
publisher: Hanney History Group

description: A fascinating history of the villages of East and West Hanney at the end of the 19th century including information about the cultivation of the land, land owners, residents, shops, trades and the school.

title: Rural Life in the Vale of the White Horse 1780-1914
author: Nigel Hammond
Second Edition:
isbn-10: 0952246708
isbn-13: 9780952246701
published: 1993
publisher: Rectory Orchard Books
First Edition:
isbn-10: 0095002189
isbn-13: 9780095002189
published: 1974
publisher: William Smith (Booksellers) Ltd

description: A social, economic and agriculture history of the Vale of White Horse from the period 1780 to 1914 including a number of references to the villages East and West Hanney.

title: Holmes of Hanney
author: Frank Poller
published: 1993
publisher: Hanney History Group

description: A fascinating insight into one of the villages' prominent historical residents including his publishing exploits and local tensions arising from his political views.

title: A Short History of Hanney
author: Diana R Bowder
published: 1989
publisher: tbc

description: An interesting history of the parish of Hanney, including its buildings, architecture and residents.

title: Lyford: A Parish Record
author: Violet M Howse
isbn-10: 0950057959
isbn-13: 9780950057958
published: 1981
publisher: tbc

description: An record of the village of Lyford, historially part of the ecclesiastical parish of Hanney.

title: A History of the County of Berkshire: Volume 4
authors/contributors: P H Ditchfield, William Page, J H Cope, University of London, Institute of Historical Research.
isbn-10: 0712905308
isbn-13: 9780712905305
published: 1924
publisher: St Catherine Press

description: The section covering the parish of Hanney is on pages 285-294, and is available to view at British History Online.