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Hanney Neighbourhood Watch

Non-emergency Number

Neighbourhood Watch consists of small independent local groups who watch out for each other, and warn of any suspected crime or other problems.

People should have no hesitation to call 999 in any emergency, including when a crime is in progress or suspected, or there is a danger to life, or when violence is being used or threatened.

There is a also non-emergency number, 101, for people to call the police.


The police support Neighbourhood Watch, and have established a system for residents to join (The Alert system), which sends local warnings and other useful information by email and/or by phone. All Hanney residents can apply and take advantage of this, regardless whether they are Watch members or not.

Neighbourhood Watch is active and successful in both East and West Hanney. There are more than 20 active Coordinators. However - there are many areas not covered - and Coordinators are needed for these.

Coordinators should liaise with their neighbours to establish good mutual communications, and also should encourage them to enrol in the 'Alert' police warning system.

Although Hanney is a 'low crime' area - there are still crimes committed there each year - burglaries, theft, hare coursing, rogue traders (eg drive tarmacers, roof fixers, tree loppers), car crime, vandalism. It is essential to remain alert, be suspicious of any caller or suspicious activity, and in particular keep an eye on the older people who might be distracted or confused by a caller. There should be no hesitation to call the police on 101 immediately even if you are just suspicious, and dial 999 in an emergency - an emergency is if a crime is being committed, or is about to be committed, or if there is a risk of serious injury.

More Coordinators Still Needed

More Coordinators are still required, to replace some who have left, and also to assist existing Coordinators. There are some areas not covered, and many residents are unaware that they can receive warnings. Coordinators normally contact about 10 to 15 homes. They will receive the Alert system warnings and other messages (choosing by phone or email) from Thames Valley Police if crimes or other problems occur in the vicinity. If they encourage their members to also enrol in the Alert system (and there is nothing to be lost by doing so) they won't have to pass on the warning messages.

Anyone willing to help, or wanting to know more about Neighbourhood Watch, or enrol for the 'Alert' messages from the police, please contact:- Ray Woodyear.

Ray is not only the Area Coordinator for The Hanneys, but also a Scheme Administrator the Vale and South Oxfordshire.

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