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Winter Lane Footpath

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As part of Bellway Homes planning consent to build the new houses at the end of Rectory Farm Close (Elderberry Grange) the company was required to build a new footpath along Winter Lane. The road is missing a footpath along most of its length, although the new one was not going to fill all the gaps it was still very welcomed. Read more


Notices & Meetings

'Start-a-heart' is a new initiative by the South Central Ambulance Service to encourage everyone to learn how to do CPR and save some lives! They are running short training sessions in any workplace in the county that has 10 or more employees, so it's time to pester your boss, or if you are the boss, to contact them at also give community group lessons, will come to the village, and it's free. If you're interested, let me know soonest... 01235 867500 or, (removing NOSPAM) and I'll try and organise a bunch of us. What's not to like, apart from the possibility of hearing some Bee Gees music! (They played 'Staying Alive' on the recent TV ads, cos that's the beat at which you're meant to pump someone's chest apparently. Screens Matron!) Read more

Household Waste Recycling Centres Under Threat

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Oxfordshire County Council are once again considering the closure of some Household Waste Recycling Centres in order to save £350,000 from their expenditure by 2017/18. A public consultation is now open and residents are being asked to give their opinion on possible changes. OCC plans to reduce the number of HWRC's from 7, to 3 or 4 over several years, and possibly reduce opening hours. Read more

Linden Homes Site Archaeological Excavations

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The digger working on the site of the proposed Linden Homes 200 house development is not starting the groundwork somewhat prematurely, but actually conducting archaeological excavations by digging 82 trial trenches. This work is being carried out partly as a result of information supplied by the Hanney History Group, so well done to them, and thanks to Stewart Scott for letting us know the story. Read more

The Plough Community Free House Opening

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The Plough has been closed since the 'Save the Plough Campaign' completed the purchase on June 16th. On that evening they held a "Shareholders Party" to celebrate what had all achieved together. Our new landlords, Phil & Fi are pleased to announce that the pub will reopen on Saturday, July 4th, fittingly for the village, our Independence Day. Read more

St James School Headteacher Retirement

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Mrs Jayne Snewin will be retiring in July after a long and successful headship at St James School. Over the last 13 years she has worked tirelessly to create a welcoming village school where each child is valued as a special individual and is encouraged to flourish both academically and personally. Many past pupils and their parents and carers will have special memories of their time at the school. Read more

Over 100 Households Have Bought The Plough

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The Share Offer launched on April 20th closed on May 18th. Hanney Community Association raised the full sum of £400,000 from over 100 Hanney households. On May 19th they exchanged contracts, so The Plough at West Hanney is now our Community Free House. Read more

Hanney Michaelmas Fayre 2015

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SAVE THE DATE! Saturday 19th September 2015 - will be our 3rd Hanney Michaelmas Fayre. If you haven't been able to join us in previous years, you can still get a bit of the experience by clicking here and you can follow how things are progressing on Facebook too! (Follow the link on the right.) Read more

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